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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The God Who "Gets It"

All of life is waiting. A mother has to wait 9 months to see the real life image of the baby she's imagined in her mind, a driver has to wait for the traffic light to turn green before hitting the gas pedal (I hope) and even at a restaurant, we wait in anticipation that someone will show up with a tray of food on their hands. At different levels and in different forms, we are subjected to voluntary or involuntary pause.

In a world that seeks instant gratification- "I want that and I want it NOW", it's hard to ever imagine that waiting is a gift from a creator who meekly reminds us in little and grandiose ways, who's in charge. Now, you're probably thinking this is another article about what to do while waiting for something or perhaps "how to wait well" Not quite, but I'll let you decide on that if you stay with me till the end :)

Do you ever wonder what happened in the 30- something years preceding Jesus' ministry? We weren't given much insight into his early adulthood and just a little about his childhood.
" And the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom. And the favor of God was upon him."- Luke 2:40 
Fast forward to many years later, He's turning water to wine at a wedding. So what happened in those formative years ? Can you imagine a teenage Jesus with perhaps some adolescent struggles unique to his time or a twenty- something year old Jesus figuring out the whole "adulting" thing. Although He is fully God, we know Him to be fully man as well i.e. experiencing emotions and all (John 1:14). I don't have answers to any of the above and I am not trying to find one either. What we have recorded in the Bible is just the right amount of revelation of God we need on this side of heaven- no more, no less.

So where am I going with all of these ? When we think of our Savior, we don't often see someone who can "relate" And as humans, we tend to be more open when we can sense some form of empathy:
 "Oh, you've experienced that? ME TOO" 
If you've ever had that moment with anyone, then you can probably vibe with me on this.

God could have come down solely in divinity, reveal the full extent of His glory for our naked eyes to see but He didn't. Well, no one would probably be able to live through that anyway but He chose to come down in the same form as us while still remaining true to His divine nature. While I am not saying Christ experienced every form of struggle common to us today, I think He is able to say to us "I get it" because He really can feel the extent of those emotions/struggles.

"Only in the flesh could Christ enter into our destiny, understand our temptations, and be fully Redeemer and Savior. Who can save us who does not come down into our sufferings and experience our pangs"- p.117 Passion & Purity by Elisabeth Elliot

As a Christian, I don't think there's anything more re-assuring than to know I have a High Priest who can fully understand my struggles and the only one who actually knows what can be done about/with it. One too many times has this truth evaded my thinking as I delude myself into believing that the God of the universe, who knows all of the stars by name (Psalm 147:4), will somehow miss out on my emotional turmoil.

All of life is waiting and at the root of the wait is a longing for something better, something more satisfying, something that will eventually put an end to the rat race. We groan in this body and even creation groans with us (Romans 8:22-23) because there is more. While our "mundane waitings" seem to promise us some type of satisfaction once the wait is over, we will soon come to learn that they are only a shadow of the real wait. What we truly long for is unseen ( 2 Cor 4:18), not transient but eternal and when it comes, our longing for anything else will cease.

Christ waited and He is still waiting. He waited for the appointed time to reveal His deity (John 2:4), He waited for the moment of His crucifixion on that rugged cross (Matthew 26:45) and He is still waiting for His bride to be reunited with Him and made eternally perfect (Isaiah 62:1-12). So when we come to Him in our waiting, He is able to say back to us "ME TOO"

While I talked about waiting a lot in this post, it is not as much a focus as the point I am trying to make about us serving a God who "gets it" -whatever your "it" may look like. There's no road He calls us to tread that He Himself hasn't already walked.

When you think of Christ as Savior and Lord, do you see Him as a friend too? 

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