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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Distressed but not Stressed.

Haha- I'm sure from the title you're like "huh?" You know I'm all about the catchy titles.
Anyway, my jeans are called "distressed jeans" and I am on spring break...sooo I'm not stressed. Get it? Haha

 So I've been in a vintage mood with my style this year and I take any opportunity to throw in some vintagey look in my ensemble. And like I always say, pick a center piece for your outfit and all the others will come together.  

I had the sleeveless jacket on at first but I took it off later 'cos I wasn't feeling it. Simply sophisticated remember ? :)

I never thought I'd ever wear distressed jeans but you know what they say: "never say never" lol
And even though these are kinda going out of style, I don't really move with trends as much. Style can be as timeless as you make it.

Let's talk about these shoes for a sec. Block heels are just the best invention since slice bread! Comfortable, classy and chic! I have a double whammy here because those colors are ALL my faves.

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Top- A'gaci
Distressed jeans- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Ross

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