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Monday, February 27, 2017

#NigeriansinDiaspora- Moyo's Story

I learnt a lot of lessons moving away from home but the biggest is "growing up isn't an option, it's a necessity for survival"

I left home, a bright-eyed teenager with dreams and aspirations and well, let's just say my eyes aren't the brightest now lol
From the occasional heart attacks you get at the mention of "exchange rate" to the unquestionable need to stay on top of your class. Being an international student who had to pay 3 times the home student tuition is all the inspiration you need to burn that midnight candle; in fact all day everyday. You are constantly running a race with only you as the participant.
Although it seemed to my friends and family that I was leaving "the struggle" when I left home, little did they know I was being thrown into another one. And quite frankly, things aren't as glittery when you take a closer look.
It was the same year I got to the US things went south back home- salaries withheld, foreign exchange skyrocketed and well, this is not exactly the greatest news for someone who still depended on the Naira for financial support. I worried about not just myself but about the situation of everyone else back home and I dare not let this affect my grades because who will pay all that money only for me to come and fail?

So I guess it's time to find a job right ? Don't even get me started on that one. Imagine the confusion of a bird in a dog hound filled with different species of dogs.

Well, that's how I felt at my first career fair, looking for a job. I went from booth to booth, literally shoving my resume down every recruiter's throat and begging for a job. Applied to over a 100 jobs and I slowly became accustomed to the automatic rejection emails:
"After careful consideration of your qualifications, you are no longer being considered for this position" 
What a wawu, just laidat? You won't even tell me why I am not being considered even though my qualifications seems to be right on a par with your job description.

These memes summarize it all. I am sure a lot of international student can also relate to this struggle.

From making quick and sometimes smart decisions to dealing with the consequences of the not so smart ones, living thousands of miles from your immediate family has a way of increasing your years in wisdom. You simply grow up. You have to limit the problems you share with your family because you don't want to scare them and how much can they really do to help from where they're at? Girl, you gon' learn to figure it out on your own A LOT. You learn the art of hardcore persistence and perseverance.

You know some moments when you just want to go home, lay in your mom's bed and pretend you are a child again with no worries. Well, that luxury may be a little far-fetched when you join the independent kids' gang. I have had moments of complete break down where I was pushed to the wall and balled my eyes out. Moments when I had used up all my thinking caps and I just curl up on the floor of my room.


From the first few paragraphs, it may seem like I have been to some type of hell lol. No, I haven't. I just wanted to make sure I share my story without leaving reality out of it; click HERE to read more of my testimony on that. Now, to the good stuff.

You see, in the midst of all of these, I will trade the past couple of years of my life for absolutely nothing because I found a treasure that's worth more than gold-I found God.
When I got put in a box with stress, loneliness, decision making and fear as the four walls, I learnt to look up to God more than anything else. God has a way of using our trials to manifest his glory even more. He was the only constant in those times of variables.

I learnt to appreciate the culture I took for granted back home. I learnt the art of decision making and to accept failure as part of life. I learnt to be more compassionate and use this opportunity to be a blessing to others in anyway I can. I learnt freedom isn't the opportunity to do everything your parents wouldn't allow you do, it is the wisdom to set new boundaries for yourself in the absence of parental supervision. I learnt to be okay with rejection (still learning that, lol) and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be because you represent more than just yourself.
I have formed lifelong relationships and friends have become family. There's nothing like having a support system of amazing people to share the laughter as well as the tears with and often times, you are not even related by blood.

The struggles are still real, some moments are more difficult than others but these are only tools God has used and still using to mold a beautiful vessel for His glory. Where we live, places we visit and positions we hold are seasonal but what holds us together is the presence of an unchanging God in those seasons.


  1. Right in the midst of life's challenges,this confidence we have as children of God; that He's with us through it all. He stands side by side with us and watches as like a father to a child. In fact, everyday we wake up alive is yet another proof that no matter how hard or how tough the next situation we face is gonna be,with Him by our side,we already have victory. Well done, girl!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Girl! You better preach! Thank God for being a father who walks with us through all of life!
    Thanks for your comment boo


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