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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Clutter- Birthday Blues

I slept in a clutter
I woke up to a mess
A pair of unrequited loves
An old outfit of past hurt
A t-shirt of insecurities turned inside out
A handkerchief soaked with tears
A sock hung in despair

A pair of tainted gloves 
A bundle of emotional ties
Disappointment in different shades of suits
Shoes worn out from tireless pursuit
To be seen, to be heard, to be known
Fruits of seeds that have long been sown
To serve and let the idol of self fade
Learn the tides of absolute vulnerability
The renewal of a covenant made
Two decades, give or take
I sort through the clutter, once again
Holding up the garments of painful memories
A yearly reminder of a grace so amazing
Another chance to share my stories
This mess, this clutter
All clay in the hands of the potter
I've been heard, seen and known
Long before I came into my own
So I fold my clutter into a beautiful mess
Organized in different layers of grace
Faithful God faithful father 
With your presence, saturate my space. 

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