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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#NigeriansinDiaspora- Tolu's Story

Life isn’t life without friends, especially those that stick closer than (or like) family.
Coming to the US was overwhelming but thankfully I was ignorant of what it entails and the many choices. 
Side gist: I recall entering a grocery store and the amount of cookies or cereal had me confused. I was actually pissed there were so much options


Regardless, I sauntered into the US, ready to “take over” and roll back into Naija in the near future accomplished and breaking all forms of boundaries. Yes I know I can be delusional but it’s ok, haters can hate.


Anyways I was swamped with so many things to put in place - from class registration, declaring a major, opening bank accounts, looking for a job, getting an apartment and all that goes with that…phew, getting around, the allure of credit cards, shopping to baff up, and the ever present cloud of how can I stay in this country, etc…(I can remember my weariness from thinking of all these…and I do feel tired writing about this already)


Thankfully, I met great friends - folks who could see my distress and simply wanted to help. These friends became a bedrock for all areas of my life, from the spiritual to the lady I was eyeing from afar to the silly jokes, to encouragement to grow not just in academic excellence but in knowing myself.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having great friends who truly are after your good. And we all know this as true…instinctively maybe…memories of great friendships foster through our minds and brings a tasty smile to your lips…you shake your head as you recall the jokes, where you were sitting and the craziness we went through. At other times you recall the tears & pain you walked through…and oh my, the triumphs…they make it all worth it.
So how do we make good friends…how do we choose the right type of friendships? Let me leave you with a couple tips:

- Let time have it's place in revealing character

- Choose character over anything else

- Open rebuke is better than hidden love

- Avoid those who are too into themselves to notice you

- Hold on to your values

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