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Monday, October 24, 2016

How to Switch Up a Sleeveless Jacket

Different looks with the same sleeveless jacket 

The first time I wore this jacket was a relatively warm winter day earlier this year. I wanted to wear an all white ensemble so bad that day but I didn't want to be mainstream about it.

Since the theme was kinda leaning towards neutral colors, I decided to add the extra twist of a camel sleeveless jacket. And of course, my tan ankle boots. You know how much I love my boots ;)
My all white outfit didn't turn out to be so basic after all.

So for this next outfit, It was kind of a convergence style. That's a style I made up btw, lol. The main idea is to pick a piece of clothing as the subject of your fashion statement and then add an introduction, body and finish up with a conclusion of accessories. My subject here was to go for a semi professional look.

I wanted the sleeveless jacket to converge together with my introductory black sweater dress. Again, I played safe with neutral colors. Nude pumps are always a safe choice to accessorize with. The camel jacket gave a pretty good body to the "subject" of the statement- it made the semi- professional look come together even more.

Which of the two outfits do you like more?


Sweater Dress- Charlotte russe
Sleeveless Jacket- Boohoo
Pumps- Charlotte Russe

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