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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Embracing Introversion

I would consider myself an introvert in most situations and because of the extroverted world we seem to live in, this is often considered a condition that needs to be "fixed". I have also found myself believing it's an extrovert's world. I mean, they are usually the life of the party, they do well at captivating others' attention in social gatherings and their personality is most often equated to

confidence.It makes sense for extroversion to be seen as the ticket to surviving the ever competitive world and I have even found myself wishing I was an extrovert most of the time. Although it may be wrong to absolutely classify someone solely by these extremes as no one is 100 percent of time an introvert /extrovert. Different situations and some external factors influence the degree to which we exhibit these traits and the most probable one in those situations may be the dominating trait.

I hated being an introvert up until the moment I decided that I was going to live to understand my tendencies lest they control me. One of the hardest things for me as an introvert is how uncomfortable it is when a lot of attention is brought on the introvert for being "quiet". It bothers me that my choice to be quiet bothers other people and I would always wonder why it's not okay to just sit and listen.

An introvert draws energy from within and will most likely lose energy in social gatherings. Introverts spend more time thinking than they do talking. There is a lot to learn about these personality traits and I believe understanding them would help in navigating through interpersonal relationships as well as cutting yourself some slack. 

I find myself getting frustrated a lot of times in my attempts to "stop being an introvert" because it makes other people uncomfortable. And I'm learning that the more I do that, the harder it is for me to be understood; this just makes life a tad bit more awkward than it already is. 
I'll be spending the rest of the year giving some insights into personality traits, my introvert struggles/stories and of course sharing it through the lens of my faith. Hopefully, someone reading is encouraged to embrace who they are not just because it's the cliche thing to do but because self knowledge sets the foundation for a lot of other things including your faith. 
Wanna join me on this new adventure? Should be fun :)

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