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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Before I went to bed last night, I had a lot in my head that I wanted to write down but I decided against it. Writing makes me vulnerable and whenever I fight the urge to write, it's always a battle against myself.

Earlier this week, I got the news that one of my good friends from high school lost her mom to cancer. It was a heart wrenching news and hearing that gave my own battles very little meaning.
I never know how to respond to grieve but I guess nobody really does. We are never prepared enough to see someone we love leave us and I'm just left with very little words to say when it comes to dealing with it.

Being miles away from home, I can't help but have my heart skip a beat whenever my phone rings at some odd hour and its from home. At that point, I am not thinking "time-zone" but I'm thinking "what happened" I try not to have the thoughts of getting a call about some unfortunate event because isn't that what death tries to do to us? Lock us in the realms of fear because accepting its inevitability is a tough one to swallow. No matter how little the connection you have with someone, hearing they're gone has an effect on us and in that moment we are reminded, more than anything, of how volatile our  lives are.

I got a call from home today and it was one of those dreaded ones; one of my Uncles had also passed away from the terminal disease. The last memory I have of him was a conversation we had on the phone a couple of weeks ago and it just kept replaying in my head as I thought about his gentle spirit. Oh death where is your sting!
With every single passing away, I am reminded of the indelible sacrifice of Christ and I find peace in knowing that the body is simply a house for the soul; Christ came so that the soul can be saved from death.
Rest in peace Uncle Femi. It won't be easy accepting your demise but knowing you've been released from the claws of pain as your soul now finds rest is something to hold on to.

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  1. So sorry about your loss and that of your friend's mom. God comfort all those that are touched by it


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