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Friday, February 12, 2016

You're welcome! *sarcastically rolling my eyes*

As I held the door for yet another "ungrateful" human today, I awaited my much deserved "thank you" because it takes a lot of energy and risk to self dignity to hold the door for a stranger right?
I usually hold doors for people behind me  and I always thought that courtesy demands a thank you for the kind gesture. So more often than not, when I come across the courtesy rebels who do not deem it fit to say thank you after I hold the door for them, it sparks a special type of anger in me that wants to pull them back in and maybe slam the door in their faces.

Today, I thought about my response to the gentle man who didn't say thank you. 
Why does this affect me? Why do I hold on to the need to be appreciated for something I'm doing out of my own free will like it's a birthright? Why does this even get me angry in the first place? 
And then it occurred to me, this seemingly little thing has a very huge role to play in many other areas of my life. 
We all want to be appreciated, we want to be praised for what we are doing and we want the world to tell us how awesome we are. We feel the world's owes us big time for the impact we are making and when they fail to deliver this, it gets to us.

The cold truth is, the world owes you absolutely nothing. But you do owe the world a whole lot. Your presence makes a difference whether it is spoken about or not. We have been called to serve, in which ever way you want to define "service" and very often, you may not get the praise you think you deserve but should that take the slightest bit away from the fact that you're making a difference, no matter how little it may seem ?

We seek validation, we want someone to tap us on the back , we seek appraisal but how many of us actually give praise to the one who truly deserves it every second of the day. How many times have we failed to appreciate God even in the little things in our lives? I understand how it feels to want to be appreciated, infact I crave it more than I should which is why I see how much of a problem it can be if we depend so much on it to move on with our purpose on earth. 
So what I don't get a "thank you" after holding the door? What if they're just having a bad day? What if they're in a hurry ? And even if they just chose not to say thank you, it is more about who they are and less related to my gesture.  A gesture is no longer one if it requires validation from its receptors.
I am pretty sure I have been guilty of not saying a thank you myself a lot of times. 

So I speak to myself and every other person who feels they aren't getting enough credit.  Not only in the little things but also for your hard work. 
The world will never be able to give you the kind of credit you feel you deserve even if they tried. The only person who sees the true measure of your life is the one who gave you the ability to do those things in the first place and only Him can reward you. Don't worry, God is not oblivious to any of it
I ask for the grace for us to be set free from an unhealthy need for approval/appraisal/validation.  May God help us see that whatever great thing we think we are doing is never by our power but by His grace and may that continue to be our source of inspiration to do even bigger things.

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