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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why I took a Break from Devotionals

I have always had at least two devotionals to study, even before my re-dedication to Christ. On days when I don't feel like praying or days I "forget" to pray, I do some last minute devotional reading just to feed my conscience for the day. It became a recurring thing, so much that I would read up to four devotionals and not even remember much from them. I had to sit myself down and sincerely ask: “Moyo, who exactly are you deceiving?” While I don’t see anything wrong in reading devotionals, I believe reading them can be one of the easiest ways to reach spiritual complacency if not done with care and strict discipline. I needed to up my “God game” so I decided I was going to take a break from the “routine” because I just wasn't growing.

So what do I do now?

I recently got introduced to an amazing Christian author called Dallas Willard. I think I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to do a review on some of his articles. I am currently reading a book by him: “Renovation of the Heart”. I recommend this book to anyone who is genuinely looking to grow deeper in their relationship with God. Simply put, Dallas Willard does not beat around the bush as far as biblical truths are concerned. His undiluted messages will make you think and open you up to a whole new perspective. I realized this is exactly what I need to keep the fire burning at this stage of my walk.
I won’t talk much yet but let me just say may his gentle soul rest in peace and I thank God for his life and how much God has been able to do through him.

Back to my point, I decided to stop trying to fit God into my daily schedule but rather putting him at the center of it. While it is very important to set aside an uninterrupted time with God, there is no rule that says you shouldn’t carry him in your hand bag while going about your day. Like I always say, the hardest part of your walk with Christ is not that alter call, it is the ability to make continuous and conscious efforts to “draw near to him” Once the efforts are becoming too unconscious, be sure to check for complacency. So do everything it takes to stay in his presence.

I’d read a page or less of Renovation of the Heart on my way to work in the morning, mediate on the page while I’m walking to class/going home. I try to pay attention to the practicality of what I read in my day to day activities and make observations where needed. Mind you, this hasn’t replaced my quiet time or scripture studying.
What I am trying to say is that, you really don’t have to separate God from your daily livelihood; in fact, I think I am better off carrying him with me lest I go crazy lol. I don’t want my relationship with God to be a routine, I want it to be something that is as natural as breathing. Switch things up if you need to, go for a run, go to the park, go to the gym, go swimming. Trust me, God will find you wherever you are at.

P.S: I am still hoping to make that post on spiritual exercises; this ain’t it lol.

Sharing my journey so far…grace and peace.

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  1. Hmmm...nice illustration on meditating day and night. I will have to try that out. Thanks much for sharing


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