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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Summary- Praise Him in Storm

Hello fam!
I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to God for the opportunity he has given us all to come together to drink from the fountain of His word and share practical ways to keep walking in the light of His glorious name.

Also, I’ll like to draw our attention to the fact that everything we say in our discussion is of no use if we are not able to apply them into our lives and see evident changes in our spiritual growth. I admonish us all ( I say us, because I am preaching to myself as well) to make sure the biggest investment we make is one that enriches our spiritual insight and we should always seek to grow in knowledge and understanding of the one we serve.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed last weekend including questions addressed and responses   given. If you weren’t there, you missed!

     What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “praise him in the storm”?
-          Jesus and his journey to the cross
-          Something that might come off as a slogan but difficult to put into practice
-          Imagine an actual storm: the chaos, the confusion and discomfort and all you’re trying to focus on is praising God
-          It is a point of vulnerability and recognition of God’s sovereignty in our helplessness

      But is it really just about singing? - Not necessarily
-          It is not the singing/action itself but the heart posture in those moments
-          It is resigning to FAITH not FATE
-          It is a point of complete abandonment and dependency on God even in our inadequacies

      Biblical examples that we relate to regarding storms
-          Job, the perfect example of a sudden and unexpected storm. One of the many lessons to be drawn from Job’s experience was that he never for once failed to acknowledge, with no doubt, that God was in charge of things and He knew all things. That attitude requires a whole new level of understanding who God is.
-          Job’s attitude was possible because his foundation was deeply rooted in Faith
-          Luke 8:4-15 speaks to the need for this solid foundation and one of the reasons why God allows us to go through the storms appears in 1 Peter 1:7

       Relevance of these storms in our relationship with Christ
-          They humble us as they sometimes bring us to a dead end where we realize we are nothing without God
-          They help us see God from a different perspective (like we are meeting Him for the very first time) and draw us closer to Him.
-          They are, sometimes, stepping stones to a deeper relationship with God.

             Some Practical ways to guard against spiritual stagnancy and complacency
-          Asking the Holy Spirit ( the Main G!)  for direction and guidance
-          Making a daily and intentional decision to draw near to Him
-          Talking to like-minded people about challenges and growth in faith
-          Genuinely seeking to personally understand who God is and not just living off what we hear in church or heard someone say about Him
-          Do not compare your walk with Christ to another’s. Run your own race and build your own garden
             Dealing with Depression and Fear
-          Loading up on the word of God to neutralize the devil’s lies with the truth
-          Understand who you are in God and that He has given you the authority to reject the devil’s lies
-          Train your thoughts to meditate on the word and the more you do that, the more your thought process is conformed to that of the Holy Spirit
-          Stay in God’s presence as much as possible. He is always listening

Does God bring the storms?
-          No, but he sometimes allows them for our good and for His glory.
-          God will never deny us of our free will, therefore some wrong choices we make have a role to play in the storms and we may still have to bear the consequences. But God in his infinite mercies will still come around to turn even the wrong choices around for our good and for His glory.

I wish I could compress all that was said into this summary but that will be me writing a book lol.  Please take your time to study these things and remember to check all that was listed above with the word of God; there is no practicality without an alignment with the truth, which is the word of God.

God bless you!

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