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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lady in Waiting

Waiting is one of the most inevitable processes we go through as humans and yet the hardest to overcome. We have all had to wait for something at some point in our lives; whether it's at the bus stop waiting for the bus, waiting for a feedback from an interview, waiting to meet that special someone or even waiting to hear from God.
What makes waiting even more challenging is when you can do absolutely nothing but wait.

Through waiting our patience is tested, our perseverance is strengthened and sometimes our frustrations are heightened. It is so funny that we wait so long for something and immediately we get it, we are back to waiting for something else. It is an endless cycle; like someone put it, "waiting is our destiny as humans because we are constantly subjected to it".
So as Christians, what does God tell us about waiting?
If you go through some of the most jaw dropping stories in the Bible, you'll see that many of them required ALOT of waiting. Abraham? Hannah? The Israelites? Even Jesus Christ had to wait for the appropriate time for his purpose to be manifested. Does this mean God enjoys seeing us being tortured by having to wait so long ?
Not at all!
God's intention is to form us into Christlikeness that we may be prepared for what's to come. The process of waiting is so important that if it is not done with complete abandon to God, we might ruin the purpose of the prize we are actually waiting for. As Christians, waiting is an indispensable part of our journey. We are waiting for the return of our savior, that alone in itself speaks volumes to how important waiting is. In Philippians 1:6, apostle Paul tells us that the Lord who began a good work in us will bring it into completion until the day of our Lord. What does this tell us ? The work He is doing in us will not be complete until He returns; hence, we wait. The work may even continue afterwards but who knows?

Through waiting, we are taught the most valuable lessons and the essence of our faith is truly seen in times when we have to do nothing but wait. We are trained to understand our purpose in waiting and we are humbled in the process.
All being said, waiting is difficult. It is something I have struggled so much with and I'm sure a lot of my Sisters in the body of Christ will agree with this. Our eagerness to reach an end goal, to fast track the waiting period prevents us from enjoying the process and seeing it as the most important part of the journey.

What are the challenges we face while waiting? What are the possible factors that prevent us from fully staying calm and trusting God in those moments? How do we overcome extreme anxiety and learn to enjoy every bit of our waiting period ? How do we see waiting more as a process than torture?
These are some of the questions that plague our hearts as young believers and I would like to invite you to join girls in tiaras as we have our "girl talk" weekend this coming weekend. We will be discussing lady in waiting as we delve deeper into the word to understand God's intention for us as we wait. You can send In questions/ contributions that you'd like us to discuss to girlsintiaras@gmail.com
For more information, request to join our Facebook group through the website or comment on our page.

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