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Friday, October 16, 2015

I am not that Kind of Christian

Hi, my name is Moyo.  I am a Christian. I love fashion and love songs/poetry. I think I'm an ex geek although a lot of my friends won't agree with the "ex" part lol.

I was recently having a conversation with someone and I don't remember what led to them saying: "I'm a Christian but not "that" kind of Christian".
This caught my attention because it was the second time someone would say that to me in the space of one week. When I asked for further explanation of what they meant, the summary was that they felt there are too many forms of Christianity today and people choose what part of the bible they want to live by. Even though I understand where these people are coming from, I couldn't help but ask myself why? How can we be one body and yet so divided? Hence, this article.

I'm not about to delve into the major variations in beliefs within the Christian community; neither am I about to start or continue a controversy ( if there exists any).
The definition of a Christian is someone who follows Christ and a true follower is bent on doing everything and anything that would make him more like the master. There has been so much focus on the aesthetic representation of the term "Christianity" as a religion rather than a way of life that it really is. 
The primary goal of every Christian is to aim to be completely transformed into Christ-likeness. And this process must first take place from within (that is, the heart posture) and it is from this within that the outward expression automatically comes into play. 
Of course it is a continuous process of renewing the mind (Romans 12:2), however, the efforts should be a daily and intentional one. Now, we may all have different ways of outwardly expressing this inner transformation into Christ-likeness but all must point in one direction - to bring glory to the only one who deserves it. If this element is removed, then the purpose of Christianity is defeated. 
Any other thing that comes after this primary goal is secondary and we must be careful to not get so caught up with the secondary things that we lose sight of the primary purpose. 

That being said, may I be permitted to say with all confidence that there is no such thing as different "types" of Christians. There may be different doctrines and interpretations or the expressions of faith but there is only one common goal. It is also important to note that these expressions, however secondary they may be, have the potential of impacting our primary goal which is why it is necessary to pay an ample amount of attention to them as well.  
But holistically , You are either a believer of Christ or not.
I introduced myself earlier by stating the things I love along side my identity with Christ to point out that these things are not apart from my faith. I am learning that my faith is not something I wear as an accessory; it is as much a part of me as any other thing I enjoy doing. So when you ask me to tell you about myself. I'll tell you I'm a Christian, not because I go to church or because I'm setting myself apart as miss goody two shoes. I'll tell you I'm a Christian because my faith is an inseparable part of my existence; it's my state of being. 
I won't go ahead to justify my faith based on other people's perception of it. I won't say: "there are so many hypocritical Christians, so be aware that I'm not that "type" of Christian. That, in itself, shows that I do not fully understand what it means to be a true follower of Christ. 

I pray God gives us all a better understanding of who we really are and the grace to identify ourselves as such. 

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