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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Free will versus God's will

"Not my will but yours Lord"- That has been my chant in the past couple of weeks. 
I said those words with my lips but didn't actually take the time to meditate on them. The truth is, I have wrestled with anxiety thinking about what the future holds and the pressure of having to make choices that may/may not determine how my life turns out. My thoughts were driving me crazy and I decided to go for a long run, today, just to talk to God in an open space rather than my room.  I listened to some worship songs during the first lap and afterwards, I decided to listen to a message by Tim Keller. I plugged in my earphones and I clicked on the message titled: "Does God Control Everything?"

I have struggled with this question for the longest time: If God already knows what our future holds and He is in control of everything, why then do we need to do anything? We might as well just wait around for His will to be done.
This bothers me a lot when I have to make a very crucial choice as I am caught in between free will and God's will.
The first thing that caught my attention in Keller's message was when he said: "Our choices are part of God's plans; His plans are not established in spite of our choices but THROUGH them.
This pushed numerous buttons in my head and I was like “say what now?”

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"- Romans 8:28

As I began to meditate on this, God gave me a clearer picture of things. First and foremost, God did not create dummies or robots and this speaks to the kind of love He has for us. He gave us the gift of being in full control of the choices we make because there is no love without freedom. So therefore, our choices are as valid as the consequences that come with them. This does not in any way nullify the fact that God controls everything, the future inclusive. It just goes to show that, we make the choices but God establishes the plans- both are woven together in an unfathomable mystery. So with every decision, every choice and even times when life seems to be taking the wrong turn, It is not APART from His plans but A PART of his plans.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”- Proverbs 16:9
Here is what I have learned:
I’d be paralyzed by my efforts if I live life thinking my future is solely dependent on the choices I make.
And on the other hand, I’d be passive about life if I believe I need not make any choice at all. Hence, I should neither be paralyzed nor passive.

My prayer from now on would be for God to teach me not to be led by my anxieties or fears but by His gentle spirit that every choice I make may be aligned with His will and overall, with His plans. 

And by the way I ran about 5 miles today! It was a different but great way to communicate with God. You should try spicing up your relationship with God with different spiritual exercises! I hope to blog on that soon.


  1. Thank you for the poignant reminder to be at ease in God, to truly trust in Him (which includes submission to His will) and to know that He is in charge of all things

    I love the piece on trying out different spiritual practices. Kudos!


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