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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall for the boots

My best part of the fall season is when I get to wear boots.  I love boots! Ankle, knee high, riding,combat,mid calf... I love them all! Since I haven't fully accepted that knee high boots are my favorite, I'll stick to equal rights for now. Lol

My best friend gave me these black boots for my last birthday and I'm absolutely in love with them. 
I guess it wasn't much of a surprise to her  when I visited her for spring break and wore boots all through, since she's a boot lover herself . In my defense, it was still February so it is safe to say it was still winter lol 


The next time I wore them was with a ruffled shirt tucked  into a pair of grey jeans. 

I wasn't able to get enough pictures but I think the boots are pretty obvious here. 
Cheers to many more fall seasons with the boots! 

Boots: boohoo 

Remember, you can wear what you have in a million ways ;)

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  1. The boots are lovely!!
    Ps: it's Lade in Girls in tiara Lol


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