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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Devotional- God is not in heaven.

It was a long day at work and I was getting ready to leave when I realized my phone charger wasn't working. Anyone who knows me would know this is a 911 type of emergency for me because I do A LOT on my phone; including school work. So I needed to get a charger before going home. I spent the next one hour trying to get myself a charger on campus and I walked back and forth with my heavy bag.  I was exhausted. I decided to call some of my friends with cars to ask for a ride to Walmart and they all chose that day to have their phones switched off.

After fruitless efforts to get a charger, I dragged myself to find a seat as I said the most feeble prayer in my heart: "God, Can you please just send some random person to give me a ride". I had only been seated for less than 5 minutes when a friend who stays in my apartment complex showed up. I had never been happier to see her. I explained my problem and before I even finished talking she offered to take me to Walmart and drop me at home. She told me she had wanted to leave for home since but something just told her to stay.
This may seem like a little thing but it was a big deal for me. I literally whispered that prayer and God heard it anyway. 
The Lesson I learnt that day was that the presence of God is everywhere! 
I used to have this idea that God was only in heaven and this reflected even in the way I prayed. I would shout so loud just so he could "hear" me. Lol
Maybe if we brought God down from the far distance we've placed him. Maybe if we acknowledge that he is always by our sides and let our hearts be filled with his presence, he wouldn't seem so much like a far away God but a God close to our hearts. God is not just in heaven, he is also here, with us. 

Action words: God is everywhere; he's always with me. 
Bible verse: James 4:8

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