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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Designer Spotlight- Tomi Olukanni of Dawn Clothings

At House of Smiles, we are suckers for both creativity and talent; when we spot them, we can’t help
but give them the recognition they deserve. This part of the blog features upcoming fashion designers who’s work we admire and hope that the world gets to see them soon too.

Today, our spotlight is on Tomi Olukanni of Dawn Clothings.



H.O.S:   Tomi, Please tell us a little about yourself

Tomi:    My name is Olukanni Oluwatomi. I’m a native of Ilesha, a town in the State of Osun, Nigeria. Born to my parents as a second child of four children, I grew up with my parents and three sisters in the city of Osogbo, the capital of the State of Osun, Nigeria.

H.O.S:   When did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Tomi:    As a girl I loved dresses and sketches and art; in fact my sisters and I delighted in playing dress up a lot. Seeing I had a love for fashion and clothes, I decided to follow my passion straight on. So, I went ahead to study Industrial Designs in the Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. I’m currently in my fourth year of study and I have a year to go.

H.O.S:   So how did it all begin? Tell us about Dawn Clothings.

Tomi:    My love for clothes moved me to launch my fashion line called Dawn Clothings; a female apparel line in December 2014. The autumn/winter collection comprised of the mixture of the popular African Ankara fabrics with chord lace. It has been a wonderful experience as I’ve been able to explore and dive into really interesting projects I never saw myself pulling off

Here are some of the designs from Tomi's Collections

H.O.S:   What sets you apart as a designer?

Tomi:    One thing I love about fashion is the pace at which things evolve. Sometimes it’s even hard keeping up with trends as they come and go. But apart from helping women look fashionably chic, It’s my dream to dress godly, elegant, graceful and tasteful women. Asides building designs that are very modern and trendy, I also don’t want to take away the element of modesty.

H.O.S:   What’s your biggest inspiration?

Tomi:    My roots go way down into Christ Jesus and Dawn Clothings is only part of the tree. It’s very easy to get swept away with all the craziness going on in this generation, especially in the fashion world. But the knowledge that everything I do should be a reflection of Christ helps me to seek His approval even in my designs.

H.O.S:   How do you juggle all of these with school?

Tomi:    It has been quite demanding schooling and working at the same time, but I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

H.O.S:   So what are your future dreams and aspirations in the fashion industry?

Tomi:    I’ll like to further my study at the Fashion Institute, New York God willing. My dream is to become not just a very unique designer, but also to become a force to reckon with in the fashion and textiles industries. I’ll also like to work with innovative and creative designers who have a passion for fashion.

It was nice having you share your passion with us, Tomi and we are so excited for what God has in store for you. We wish you all the best!
You can contact Tomi via:
Facebook I.D: Oluwatomi Olukanni.
Instagram: mydawn_01

If you’d like to be featured on our website or you know an upcoming designer you’d want to recommend, Please send an email to : moyosoreaj@gmail.com


  1. Nice... Its nice seeing my pretty friend here. She is just too wonderful. A friend, a classmate and a respected colleague. See you at the top sis. Lots of love... #Akinmyboy

  2. Nice... Its nice seeing my pretty friend here. She is just too wonderful. A friend, a classmate and a respected colleague. See you at the top sis. Lots of love... #Akinmyboy

  3. Nyc one dear.God bless u nd take u to the top✌👍

  4. Hmm superglamour and a real touch of african beauty queens.

  5. Impressive... Vision is the key...

  6. C u @d top .......d sky s d steppin stone 4ur gr8nez.

  7. This is WOW, honestly this lady is going places.


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