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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why are you trying to earn grace ?

I'm a thinker and this can sometimes translate to being a worrier. Sometimes I think about things so much It feels like I've already done them. Lately, I've been worried about not being enough or doing enough for God and other areas in life.

So this is for me and every other "worrier" out there.

Dear self, 
You will never be enough. 
You can never do enough 
If You were You wouldn't need him to complete you
If You could, his sacrifice on the cross would have no meaning. 
Why are you still fighting a battle that's already been won 
Why are you attempting to pay back a debt You can't even afford. 
Why do You think your own strength would ever be enough. 
Is there a price for a savior's death on the cross ?
So why are you working so hard to pay back grace. 
Why do You worry about the things You have no power over 
Why do You depend on your fallible self to come through for you. 
You may not say it with your mouth 
But doing these things has put you in that place. 

You cannot earn grace, embrace it. 
You cannot earn grace, live on it 
You cannot earn grace, enjoy it 
You cannot earn grace, ask for it. 
You cannot earn grace, you just cannot afford it. 


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