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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Cactus Series: Introduction


The cactus is an awfully unusual plant don't you think? Talk about the brightly colored petals of the hibiscus or the eye-catching beauty of a rose and then you see the cactus, with its spines.


In all its apparent weirdness, the cactus is a very unique plant; a strong one so to say. Because of its ability to store up water in its stems, it can survive in the most arid conditions. Its leaves are turned to spines for it to adapt to drought and dry conditions.
And contrary to belief, the cactus does have beautiful flowers but sometimes hidden, depending on environmental conditions.

Sometimes we get rejected by the world because they feel we don't meet certain "standards". They'd say we are too fat or too skinny or too ugly or too bad. And when the rejection eats us so deep, we begin to accept it ourselves and then we settle in a dark and gloomy place where complacency is just cool.
Sometimes we go through so much in life like literarily having to fight all by ourselves to keep our heads above water, we walk so far away from who we are into a place where we no longer recognize the reflection in the mirror; a strange new being.
I was inspired to do "The Cactus Series" to reach out to young ladies from all around the world. Ladies who, at some point in life, have had to fight through storms to keep their heads above water and lost themselves in the process. Ladies whom the world has pushed to think of them selves as little and unworthy of God's love. Ladies who are at the verge of giving up. Ladies who think salvation is just for a selected number of people and not for all.

Like the cactus, people may look at you and see you all covered in spines but God sees a store of signs and wonders; a flower about to blossom. People may look at you and see damaged goods, but God sees a work in progress. With God there's no such thing as waste product! He's a recycler.
Just like the cactus, he has built us to survive every situation and come out stronger.
A friend said to me recently: "Moyo, I'm happy God is using you and I wish I could be used the same way but...." To her, she felt she was too "bad" to even get closer to God. No Darlings! That's human thinking but our God thinks absolutely in a different way.
Can you remember Apostle Paul's story? This guy ridiculed Christians! I can't even imagine the terrible things he did to them But God saw the good in him and today, Paul remains a role model to a lot of Christians, including me. Which is why I was led to use this bible passage:

"The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone" Psalms 118:22(NIV)

Even Our Lord Jesus faced rejection! So don't say nobody knows how it feels, cos he sure does!
He repeated this same verse a lot of times in the bible:
Matthew 21:42
Mark 12:11
Luke 20:17
Acts 4:11

So taking Psalms 118:22 as our fountain of confidence, I'll be having wonderful women from different walks of life share their stories, experiences and words of encouragement with us. These women are young, beautiful and you know what they all have in common? They're heads over heels in love with Christ! They're here to join me in telling you that, God wants you plus your flaws, that no matter how much you've been condemned by the world, he has his arms wide open for you and that you've not gone too far to come back home. They know these because they are living testimonies! Cool huh?

I know this may seem like it's targeted at just women and that's because more women have fallen victims of rejection by the society due to rape and some other abuses and I also feel as a lady, I can relate to an extent; so please excuse my area of concentration. However, guys need to read this as well because a lot of ladies who need to hear this may not be able to read or even have access to the internet, but if you, as a guy, read it you could be the one God will use to pass the message orally or in some other form to them.

The series will run every Thursday and if we have enough entries I'll post twice a week. Just click on "the Cactus Series" menu to view all the entries. Please don't keep this to yourself alone, use your share button and let this get to as many people as possible (twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Instagram,etc) Trust me, what we read affects our thinking in a lot of ways and you never know the souls that'll be saved just by this series.
Check out my blog every Thursday to read wonderful pieces or better still follow my blog and you get a notification when there's a new post!
If you wish to join the series, send in entries to: moyosoreaj@gmail.com

P.S I'd love to say a big thank you to my Brother in Christ Nsikan for helping with the feature image and for supporting me with prayers. Bless you!

So are you ready to be inspired, rejuvenated and above all blessed by the maker of all things bright and beautiful!

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