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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Cactus Series- Episode 6

You worry. You worry about everything.
You worry when the sun is shining bright; you say "oh it's burning my skin"
You worry when the day turns gloomy- when the heavens open for a downpour.
You worry when there's so much work to do
You worry when you're idle and have nothing to do.
You worry about the past.
You worry about what the future holds.
You worry even about the little insect and it's tiny legs.
You worry for Tom, Ada and Ben; as if your boot isn't filled with enough worries of your own.
You wake up in the morning with a heavy heart and the worrisome look on your face at night slowly ages you.
You wear a crown of worry so heavy, you can barely look in the direction of a peace of mind.
Your worries have become demons within you. They magnify your insight a thousand times.
You begin to see oceans as volcanoes, breeze turn to tornadoes and you make the tallest mountain out of a molehill.
The co- existence of you and your worries in the same body becomes almost impossible. Your worries begin to fight for total dominion; they want full occupancy.
But it's a battle you lost before it even started because you handed over the sword to them.
And when your worries finally take over, you become weighed down and immobile. You can't move in a forward direction; you're either stagnant or pushed back.
Worries are perilous, insidious and sinister. Once you let them in, they slowly push you out of your own life.
"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? "- Jesus Christ in Matthew 6:27
So if you don't have the power to stop the sun from shining or the stars from coming out, then your worries have no effect; leave that to the God who said:
"So do not worry saying : 'what shall we eat' or 'what shall we drink' or 'what shall we wear'. For the pagans run after these things and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them.....Do not worry about tomorrow for today alone has enough trouble of its own"- Luke 6:31-34
You see? He's gotchu ;)

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