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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Cactus Series- Episode 3

Hey there!

I know I promised you another post before Thursday and I apologize for not keeping to my words; It has been a really busy week for me. If you missed the last episode click HERE.

Today we are having an amazing writer friend of mine, Mayowa Depo -Oyedokun. She is one of the people that inspire me to bring out the best in me and not hold back. Mayowa recently started her website and she gave me a fashion column to write ( yay me!). Here's her entry for TCS

The woman wailed as she held her skirt tightly. Blood was dripping down her thighs and her head hurt badly. She fought him, she did with everything within her but he was stronger than she was. His breath, intoxicated by alcohol, was heavy as he grunted on top of her . She didn't know which hurt her the most, his body pressed against hers or him ignoring her plea and the uncontrollable tears that were now coming out of her eyes. He was so rough, so cruel as he violated her and took away her dignity. After he was done, he looked at her, smiled, and then left. She remained still and almost lifeless as she laid there helplessly.

‘You have to get rid of the pregnancy or forget this wedding. Actually, you have no choice. You have to get rid of the bastard in your womb’, said her fiancee, ‘I will not allow you disgrace my family and I. My father is a world renowned pastor and many great ministers from all over the world have already been invited for this wedding. You will not disgrace me and I will not breed the child of a monster’, he spat the words out angrily. This was a man she loved, a man she respected because of his love and fear of God and to hear him utter those words added salt to her wound. Although she didn’t understand everything that has happened, she looked to God to take away the pain. She was in a complete state of confusion and devastation as she watched her husband-to-be call off the wedding plans.

Her family didn’t know how to deal with it. It was one thing to be raped but to be pregnant by the rapist is another thing. What would they tell people? She was to get married in three months and invitations had already been sent out. How would they tell people a wedding will no longer be holding? Her mother was a deacon and her father a pastor. What would they tell the church? They can’t tell them their daughter was raped. She would be stigmatized. The society will blame her like she wanted to be raped, like she didn’t fight, like she chose the path for herself.Her mother sank on the chair and cried. ‘God have I not been faithful? Why would you let this happen?’

They told her to get an abortion anyway.

She was surprised at her parents. How could her dad tell her to abort the baby just to save his reputation? A devoted man of God. What happened to all her dad’s preaching against abortion? These questions lurked through her mind as she slowly drowned in her own tears. Her parents were supposed to support her through this but she's been left all alone in the cold.She was left on a line between murder and condemnation and she just had to choose one. But she wouldn't take a life; especially that of an innocent child.

Her father finally sent her packing when she refused to get an abortion. She left holding on to God’s word in Jeremiah 29:11. Because of her job as a banker, she had enough money to rent an apartment after staying with a friend who supported her through the trying times

She struggled to raise her daughter as a single mom and tried as much as possible to give her the best in life. Despite the circumstances behind her birth, she wanted to write a different story for her. It was tough, really tough. But her love for God kept her hanging by that thin thread of faith.

She looked at her daughter, Iteoluwakishi, all grown up now.God’s throne cannot be overthrown, as her name implies. Her daughter was graduating with a first class degree from Harvard law. She turned out to be a really bright girl who got a lot of scholarships.

It's been a really long ride for her; a roller coaster of occurrences. Even though there were times when she was so feeble and at the verge of giving up, she kept believing for a change. She remembered the bible passage that later became her testimony… ‘you aggressively attacked me and tried to knock me down, but the lord helped me (psalm 118: 13).
‘I see it now. God I see it. The stones which the builders have discarded has become the cornerstone.

It wasn't a smooth ride in life for her. She got to a point where she wanted to make a U- turn. She could have just stopped but she held on to the very hazy hopes. She almost let go, but God held on to her.

Thanks for your entry Mayowa. May God use you for more greater things IJN!

Guess what? You can be a part of this by just sending me an email. moyosoreaj@gmail.com. Or you just want me to pray with you about something? That's cool too!

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