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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Naivety was my excuse until it could not stand being taken advantage of anymore
I stood in dim light... Or perhaps no light at all
I waited on the day to break so I could see clearly from behind the curtains.
Waiting seemed way too far away from where I was standing.
The knowledge I craved so much didn't seem to make any sense.
I finally opened my eyes yet ,a thing,I couldn't see
How could I be awake and still be blind ?
I wish I had waited for the transition from night into morning.
But my legs felt they could outrun daybreak.

My innocence was bought for such a little price
Yet a lifetime isn't enough to buy it back
I spent my early days in curiosity of what was on the other side of the mountain
I thought to myself: "I'm finally going to be wiser than the rest of them" as I ventured on a journey of discovery.
I finally climbed to the top of the hills
Only to realize the sun was eventually going to rise anyway.
And It wouldn't matter whether I got to see it first because it would shine so bright everyone gets a feel of it.
I had been so worn out by excessive inquisitiveness, that I couldn't even enjoy the light that now shines so bright.

They say knowledge is power
But all I have now is a feeble spirit.
Was I really going to cheat time?
I guess I learnt the hard way that :
When knowledge is awakened before its due time, it only births a plethora of regrets.

Can I go back to the time when my greatest fear was missing an episode of Tom and Jerry?
Can I go back to when the media didn't dictate my mood
Please take me back to when all I needed to have a good life was a big bowl of cereal together with a pack of crayons.

I want my innocence back.

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