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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grumbling is inversely proportional to peace. 

"Look at a mountain for what it is, not as a comment on your life"- unknown.

I used to complain about everything. Sky is falling? I'm complaining about it, because when the sky falls, I'll be the only one affected. I didn't realize this was a problem until nothing seemed to satisfy me anymore. This minute I'm looking forward to something, the next I'm complaining about it. It became a habit. A reflex action to everything. Sometimes I'd even complain about being too happy. Lol

I complained about a lot of things because I was always so focused on the downside, so much that I rarely even notice the bright side. It was a big challenge to stay positive in dwindling situations when my mind is always trying to pick out the things that don't seem right. I remember a situation that really drew my attention to this behavior.

Some years back, my phone was really bad and I wanted to get a new one so bad. I was always complaining about how horrible my phone was and I went on and on about it without actually making an attempt to get the problem fixed. It got so much that my best friend snapped at me one day: "please go get yourself a new phone and stop whining in my ears"

I didn't even realize I had talked about it so many times for her to get that irritated. That's just one of the countless examples.

The thing about incessantly complaining is the aura you carry with you. You're not only making life uncomfortable for yourself but also for people around you. People rarely want to be around you because of the probability of their days getting ruined. I have been around people who never stop complaining and that even made me want to change that attitude more. Continuously grumbling is actually a sin (1 Corinthians 10:10)

Remember the Israelites ? They complained so much that they provoked Moses to the point of hitting the rock twice.

Circumstances will come in life, sometimes they'll seem unbearable or annoying and it's easier for us to never stop complaining about it; maybe a way to distract us from the problem itself. Yeah, there are just some things you can't help but complain about, but note that there's a healthy limit.

So how do you reduce the way you complain ?

Look at a moutain for what it really is and not as a comment on your life

You must first understand that while there are a lot of things within your circle of influence, there are a million other things outside it. The moment you accept that fact, you're one step ahead.

In every situation you find yourself, focus your energy on the good side of things. Easier said than done right? Trust me, coming from someone who made a living out of complaining, it is doable.

Even when it is really difficult to pin-point anything good that could possibly come out of something Find peace in the fact that a valuable lesson will be learnt.

Like a friend told me: "begin with the end in mind"

In other words, highlight possible outcomes of situations, condition your mind to be okay with wherever the road leads and life will rarely throw surprises at you.

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist is perspective. One of the things I have learnt is that, the heart can be conditioned the way you want it to be.

Don't follow your heart; lead it

God has been wonderful enough to give us that gift of free will. Which means, you can't control a lot of situations but you're in full control of your response to life and the choices you make. After you've made your choice, His grace is readily available to help you hold on to that choice.

If you feel you've been caught up in the sin of grumbling and acknowledge the need for a change, ask God for the grace to see the good in everything. You'd be surprised at how much of a burden will be lifted off your neck.

Grace and peace !

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