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Friday, September 18, 2015


Have you ever felt like you were losing control of your life? That might be a little extreme for some of you reading this post but that's exactly how I felt when I checked my body weight analysis for the first time in like six months. I didn't feel very confident sharing my present picture with you guys because I didn't want anyone to doubt that I could give the right fitness advice but I believe that my confidence in sharing it can be a forerunner for others reading the blog. The picture on the left is from a year ago and the one on the right is a recent picture.

I've never dealt with trying to lose weight; I was very small when I decided to start working out and things just worked out naturally. Last year, I started to have sciatica pain in my lower back, I left it alone for like a month thinking it'll go away but it got worse and I decided to do something about it. I saw a physical therapist and a chiropractor but I didn't think they were helping so I took matters into my own hands. I researched about the issue and found out that I had to strengthen my back to do all the heavy lifting I'd been doing.

The next time I checked my weight, I'd gained about 15-20 pounds and that wasn't even the scary part. As a weight lifter, I accept weight gain as long as it's in the form of muscle but my weight gain was from body fat. I was constantly frustrated about how my clothes did not fit and how every thing started to jiggle; the weight gain even worsened my back pain because my current weight couldn't handle my level of activity. I tried to do all the things I was able to do like a year ago and it wasn't working which frustrated me even more.

The point of all the background I just gave you is to make the point that different goals require different approaches. I was using the approach I used to gain muscle about a year ago and expecting it to work for fat loss, which I now realize, was not a very bright idea. I'll be sharing all the choices I make to meet my goal and other things fitness related like bodybuilding, making fitness a lifestyle and little things that go a long way in having a healthy body and mindset. I look forward to motivating you! Have a nice day ;)

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