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Monday, September 21, 2015

Devotional- Fix your eyes on Jesus

Matthew 14:28-31

Peter had walked a few steps on water, towards Jesus, before he began to sink. He started off courageous, he started off believing, he started off with a goal in mind. But after a while, he began to sink; he saw the wind and began to sink. Does this mean the wind wasn't blowing before he started walking on water?

No! In fact, if you go back to read from verse 22, you'd see that the wind had already been blowing. What could possibly cause a man who started off strong to sink?
As Christians, why is our faith shaken at the first sight of "wind"? The world isn't an all jolly place; it is filled with many troubles. Jesus himself told us what to expect in John 16:33. There will be troubles, there will be trials, there will be moments when we are pushed to the wall. The Bible has never sugar coated the struggles we will face as believers but we have been reassured countless times of the victory we already have in Christ. Is this enough to keep us prepared?

Sometimes in really difficult times, it's hard for us to remember God's promises but he wants us to know he is ever present, even in troubles! (psalm 46:1)

The moment we take our eyes off Jesus, we become conscious of our nakedness, we become aware of the raging storms around us, we become vulnerable to fear. And then we begin to sink- Peter didn't begin to sink until he paid attention to the wind. Our troubles may seem big but we need to keep our eyes on something bigger, something that cannot be moved; an anchor that cannot be broken- We need to keep our eyes on God.

Our worries are nothing compared to the hope we have in Christ. Our brokenness is temporary and the world is temporary. There's an ultimate prize, a beautiful end and an everlasting victory.

"When you feel like you're at the end of your ROPE, you're not at the end of your HOPE"

Action words: Challenge yourself this week to fix your eyes on Christ no matter what the weather brings.

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