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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dearly Beloved. 

I just finished reading the book: "Redeeming love" by Francine Rivers. I don't usually read books and I wish I often did. It's just something I didn't grow up doing and starting was not even the problem, finishing them proved a bit of a challenge. However, I sieze the opportunity to get a good read every time I can....seldomly.

After reading this book, I honestly feel like I have moved one step up the ladder of getting to know who God is. This book is a love story between a saint and a "soiled dove". A man who has spent all his life loving God and doing his will was given the mandate to marry a prostitute. Despite the absurdity of the situation, he yielded to God's commands and went ahead to marry this "daughter of Jezebel".

This woman was sold to prostitution at a very young age and that was all she ever grew to know. With all the men that came flesh to flesh with her on a daily, she gradually became stoic and indifferent about life. She began to see herself as a thing of pleasure only to be used and abandoned. She didn't believe in hope and she lived as though she were dead. But God was looking out for her from the very beginning and he had a whole new world planned out.

The story just revealed more about the extent of God's love. How he always comes back for us every time we run away and we are never too broken to be healed.

Today I write for the broken, the shattered and the supposedly "perilous".

I write for you who feel you have no good in you, you who think you've sold out your soul to the devil and you're not worth saving.

I write for you who think you've been so soiled the purest water cannot wash you clean.

I write for you who has given up on love and embraced the crumbs of desolation.

I write for you who has felt forgotten, trapped in jail with the demons of your past and estranged from happiness.

I write for the soul that desperately thirsts for freedom, hungers for acceptance and seeks mercy in the face of brutality dished out by the world.

Today, I write to tell you my heart reaches out as it fiercely wishes for you to see what it feels. I wish these words could be turned to a picture to capture how much my soul yearns to make you understand. I wish I could let you see through my eyes and make you understand that you need not go so far away in search of happiness.

I really want to let you understand that the battle you fight had been won long before it even started. I want to let you see that the way out of your self inflicted suffering is just a simple act of humility. I want to whisper in your ears that the past you hold on to so fearfully weighs you down and all you need to do is let go...

My heart cries out to the one locked up behind the walls of condemnation and worthlessness. I long for you to know that you hold the keys out of servitude. It is all in the palm of your hands and all you need do is raise them up to the sky and surrender all.

Have I told you there's one who knows all about your past, who knows where you have been and all the things you're ashamed to share. Did I tell you there's one who knows you more than you know yourself and still waits patiently for you to respond to the question: "will you be mine?"

Did I also tell you regardless of what you've done he calls you precious, adorable, the Apple of his eyes, flawless, beloved and he says you're worth more than many sparrows; you're worth dying for!

Darling you're beautiful not because I think so but because the one who molded you says so. He watches over you even in your darkest hour, even in your most rebellious adventures.... He.Loves.You.

I wish you could see how much I want you to stand where I'm standing to let you know, he chose you even before you were formed in the womb. When he looks at you he sees a gemstone and he just wants you to see it too.

Please say YES to this unfailing love, this love that cleanses you and makes you sparkling new! This love that sets you with fragility in his arms and gives you the courage to walk away from the past.

Please, beloved... Come home.

P.S: Let's talk about BAE part 2 is still coming soon guys!

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