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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dear Dearest.

I hope you get to read this letter
I hope it meets you in the best weather
And when it does I hope you smile
And I hope it makes your day worthwhile

I hope through my words you get to see
Every silly bit of me
The ones covered in depth
And the ones down to earth
I hope my pen paints so bright
My journey to you in light

I hope when we finally meet
I've been able to keep fit
And I haven't become worn out
By the sorta kinda right.
I hope when you read this letter
I don't end up with another.

Dear dearest,

If what they say about you is true, then this shouldn't come to you as a shock. You'd expect me to write this to you right? Because my words are better written down than spoken.You should know that cos you're THE ONE; the long awaited "Homo sapiens" . So I'm going to start by asking you questions: what took you so long? Did you really get lost along the way and couldn't ask for directions?Or did you just enjoy watching me be the protagonist of all the plays; I bet all that drama cracked you up. And I'm pretty sure you don't have an answer to any of my questions yet, cos your mind is busy wondering where I'm going with this.

You sure have been a shape shifter, haven't you?Taking up different faces in my head. You started off being faceless though. I saw every other thing but your face! The white dress, the bouquet, the carriage( yes, I want a white horse carriage), I even heard the music! ( I won't tell you what song :p). I still didn't have a face to your neck :(

Over the years, they came pretending to be you and by 'they' I mean the 'sorta kinda rights'. You were cloned in different and many ways. At first, It was hard for me to realize they weren't you because I wasn't even aware of the characteristics you should possess. So I accepted what was thrown at me, and played a game of trial and error. But with every error, I knew the characteristics you should NOT possess. So I guess the "sorta kinda rights" helped out in their own way.

I know it seems like I've spent my lifetime looking for you and not living my own life. Well that's not true,after a long game of "trial and error" and a little Gulder ultimate search, I was able to gather a few clues to what you'd look like. And that was when I realized I didn't even have to search for you to find you and I didn't need to write the characteristics you should possess.

You would find me. You would find me living my life. You would find me building the woman I want to be and working towards bringing my dreams to reality. And when you do, you'll no longer be faceless; you'd be a reflection of me. You'd see through me and I through you. You'd see how much I tried not to make this letter this cheesy and how much I failed at it. You'd try to beat me at my sarcasm and we'd end up drowning in our own dry jokes. You'd be so in love with Jesus, I'd want to love Him even more. You'd be me and I, you.

And if truly you exist, please don't use this letter to torment me in future.

Signed: Yours Truly.

If you have a write up you want to put out there or you need inspiration on anything(even if you need me to pray with you on anything). You can email me at moyosoreaj@gmail.com I'll be glad to help and I'll treat every email discreetly.

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