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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Craving Mother-land

It's been about three months in the strange land and I can't help but say I miss mother land. Over the past months, some occurrences make me even miss Nigeria more. Here are my top 7 things I miss:

- I cannot go to Omo-ode.

Lol. I'll explain that. Two of my shoes have cut in my attempt to catch the bus (which I'm always in a hurry to catch) and It saddens my heart that fixing these shoes might cost a fortune that I'll be better off buying new ones.
Omo-ode was my main guy back home , no matter how much the world has condemned your shoes, take it to him and there's always a turn around. Cheap and always worth it.

- I can't beg my way out of almost anything

My friend's car got towed the other day and it was a lot of money to get the car back. As I went with her and my other friends to claim the vehicle, I wished so much that I could do something to get her out of paying such ridiculous amount for something that wasn't even her fault.
In Nigeria, all I had to do was go down on my knees and maybe call my grandma and great grandpa to join me in begging for my dear wallet not to be left empty.

- I have to watch my mouth.

Talk about not being political and racist. I mean back home, I didn't have to replay a sentence in my head a million times just to be sure I'm not about to start a racial war or some political shenanigans.

- How do I not courtesy?

You know how you call everyone by their first names here? Well, I'm still coming to terms with that. I saw my professor outside of class the other day and I nearly turned into a dancing puppet trying to figure out whether to courtesy, wave or prostrate.
I used to courtesy to greet every elderly person at home and now they'd probably think I have a disorder if I do it that often.

- I need my Amala!

I've searched every nook and cranny for my beloved amala which I couldn't go without in a week. I can't seem to find some well packaged cassava flour at Walmart that'll quench this my hunger. Please if you know anywhere in America where they sell cassava flour (aka Amala) , holla! I don't mind flying anywhere to get it ( I kid, I'll just have it shipped down).

- I've been hug starved :(

I used to live on hugs. I am a "hugaholic". I could be awkward at it sometimes but it never stops me. I meet someone today, the next time I see you we are hugging! I guess it's just something I grew up doing. My friends and I hug every time we see; even in one day. Not too many people are a fan of hugs here apparently. Some people will not even give you handshake (Hian!). But I thank God for my Nigerian friends who have recognized my need for hugs and never fail to deliver.

- No maltesers! :(

Of all the chocolates in this world, maltesers are the only ones that can keep me smiling all day long. Who doesn't like maltesers? It can soften the toughest of hearts. It can change a frown to a smile in milliseconds.
I'm still carrying out my investigation on the conspiracy behind the absence of maltesers in US stores and when I'm done , I'll make sure I'm reunited with my long lost beau.

The Nigerian culture might have a few shortcomings but you don't really get to appreciate it until you're out of the country and interact with people from different backgrounds. I appreciate that culture filled with love and hospitality. I pray someday, our rich culture affects the rest of the country in a positive way.

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