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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chastity for Men by Frances Okoro

When Frances reached out to me about publishing a book called "Chastity for Men", I was really excited for what was to come because I saw what the series did on her blog. And then when she went ahead to say: "Sis, could you please write a review for me after reading it", I was beyond honored.
This young lady has inspired me in countless ways and sometimes I forget that we've never even met in person, lol. Thank you so much Frances, for letting the Holy Spirit use you to be a messenger of God's word; you have no idea how many lives have been touched.
Click HERE to download the e-book and you can email me ( moyosoreaj@gmail.com) if you need me to send it to you personally.

Sex is a topic every believer thinks about or might have thought about at some point, yet it is something we least talk about in our churches. We need to start revealing, in depth, the true purpose behind God creating sex instead of teaching young people to stay away from it or they'll go to hell or die *sighs*

I have to commend Frances for not only stepping out boldly to share her story on sexual sin but also for being brave enough to address it to men.
Many times I have sat in the congregation and listen to pastors talk about premarital sex. For the most part, they point the arrow of discussion towards women. I can't count the number of times I've heard: "women, keep yourselves for your husbands!" And I'm there thinking: "is my husband keeping himself for me?" My point here is, the bible addresses sexual immorality for the female gender just as much as it does for the male population ( 1 Corinthians 6:16-20)

Sex is one of the major ways through which the devil has infiltrated our hearts and he has managed to turn something God himself created for his children to enjoy (Ephesians 5:31) into an instrument of destruction.
Purity is not just about keeping your virginity or abstaining from premarital sex. It is a way of life in which God has called us to live so that we may enjoy the full essence of the liberty he bought for us through the blood of his only son. Purity is an intentional decision you make everyday, a decision to die to self and live a life holy and acceptable in the sight of God; this applies to everyone, male and female.
Thereof, we do not choose to live a life of purity just because we are saving ourselves for our future spouse or because of the fear of going to hell. We choose purity because we love God and this is His will for us.

Frances and the men in this book shared their stories of struggling with sexual sin with us to encourage us that there's no such thing as being too far gone because you can always find your way back to the throne of grace (1st Corinthians 10:13). I remember a friend telling me: "A man that doesn't have sex till marriage is not normal and I have never met such a man." Wow, the devil really is a liar isn't he.

This book reveals so many treasures in hidden places and sheds more light on chastity for our brothers who may also think it is "abnormal" to stay away from all forms of sexual immorality. Don't worry, it is completely okay if you weren't aware of the importance of purity because I have once sat comfortably in my ignorance as well. However, after reading this book, you no longer have an excuse.

My dear dear brothers, I know the society has twisted so many things in its favor and made you believe your worth is in the number of women you've slept with. I hope by the time you read this book, you can truly understand that a man's nobility is in his ability to serve God whole-heartedly even if it means sacrificing a moment of pleasure. You have no idea how much heaven respects a man that obeys God's commands and if I were you, I'd care more about the "heavenly popularity".
My prayer is that all men who are still struggling with this sin will be inspired by the stories of these brave men who were once in their shoes and hence, made the decision in their hearts to break free.

And to my darling sisters, Frances has addressed the last chapter of this book to us. If you're already on the path of purity, I encourage you to keep keeping on and if you're not, not to worry because our Heavenly Father gives us a clean slate as soon as we make that decision to start afresh. Don't let the society tell you "there's nothing to preserve" because there is so much more to ( read the book to find out more :p)

Finally, coming back from the bondage of sexual sin may seem like the most impossible thing to do and the world may even mock you for it. I want you to know that you are not alone, even when it feels like it. The devil's goal is always to bury us in the guilt and shame of our sins (John 10:10) but guess what? God wants us to trade it all for eternal joy and everlasting peace ( Matthew 8:17).
I pray that God gives us all the grace to not get tired of doing his will and a spirit that loves him more than the world.

Once again, here is the link to the e-book series: http://www.imperfectlyperfectlives.com/chastity-for-men/

P.S: I have a big surprise for you soon! Stay in touch will ya? :D

Grace and peace.

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